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Timeline of Campus Events

Fall 2010:

11/11 A group of alumni wrote a Letter of Intent for K College on Refuse the Silence: Women of Color in Academia Speak Out!

Winter 2009:

AASO leaders, Gina Taylor '11 and Susan Yang '11 decided to join AASO with the older stuorg, The Asian Student Association (ASA).

Spring 2008:

5/14-5/15 Spoken word artist, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, will do a performance in Dewing 103 @ 8 PM on May 14th sponsored by AASO, the English Department, ASA, and POWER. This event has LAC status. Tsai will also be doing a workshop event (with a 50 person limit) on May 15th. See more info. about this performance here.

Winter 2008:

2/22 Joined the Midwest Asian American Students Union (MAASU) and featured on page 3 of the February MAASU Newsletter (Vol. 2, Issue 5), shown here.

3/28-3/30 MAASU Spring 2008 Conference @ University of Kansas - Four delegates will represent K College at the spring conference, "Revolution in Motion."

Fall 2007:

11/2-11/3 MAASU Retreat @ Denison University - The M-Rep attended the annual Midwest Asian American Students Union Retreat as a representative of AASO for Kalamazoo College.

11/28 On Strike! & Labor Women Documentary Showings - Two half-hour documentaries:

On Strike is a brief history of the struggle for Ethnic Studies since it's inception. Student leaders, faculty, and footage of political demonstrations are weaved together to show different dimensions of the fight for Ethnic Studies!

And Labor Women looks at the lives of 3 women labor activists: one is an openly gay Sri Lankan American fighting for the living wage, one is a Korean American representing welfare-to-work recipients, and one is a Vietnamese American fighting for meatpackers right to organize.

Spring 2007:

4/10 LAC - Donna Nagata, a professor of psychology at University of Michigan will give a lecture titled, "Legacies of Injustice: Enduring Effects of the Japanese American Wartime Internment," in Dewing 103 at 7:00 PM.

The AASO Zine is founded to give Asian American students a place to creatively come to voice about our diverse experiences on campus and in the world.

5/2 Ethnic Studies Speak-Out! - A rally with members from LSO, MSA, and BSO to speak out about our experiences as racial and ethnic minorities and determine campus interest in having an Ethnic Studies Dept. and resources. Held on the steps of FAB from 5:30-6:30 PM. For more info. see here.

5/10 - Delia Aguilar, a Filipina feminist scholar and professor of Women's Studies, will give a talk titled "Feminism and the Denial of Empire" at 8 PM in the Recital Hall, co-sponsored with the English and Women's Studies Depts. There will be a book signing afterwards.

5/16-5/17 - The Chaplain, admininistration, and Dr. Les Tung are bringing Dr. Grace Lee Boggs to campus to give two lectures entitled, "Toward A Paradigm in Education" and "Another World is Necessary." She will also be receiving an honorary degree at the Commencement ceremony on June 10th. More info. can be found here.

Winter 2007:

2/6 Documentary - Deborah Gee's Slaying the Dragon critiques stereotypes of Asian and Asian American women. Editorial in The Index found here.

2/27 Two Film Shorts - Kip Fulbeck's Banana Split and Some Questions for 28 Kisses explore the multi-racial terrain.

Fall 2006:

11/7 Documentary - One of the Asian American heroes, Yuri Kochiyama's documentary, Passion for Justice, examines the shared political history between African American, Latino American, and Asian American social movements. Malcolm X was a significant influence on Yuri's life and politics, and her relationship with him is also covered in the film.

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